Saturday, 26 January 2008

Childrens Project 1: Making a Snowflake Hanging

I have the pleasure of being involved with an under 5's art and craft morning in Haverhill, Suffolk. Being the 'crafty' person I am, its great fun, I thought I'd share the project we've done each week. Here's the first.
To make a snowflake hanging you will need:

  • Some snowflakes cut from thin card of different sizes. (To make a snowflake take a circle of card and fold several times and then cut out shapes)
  • Glitter, bubblewrap, silver foil, white tissue paper to decorate the snowflakes
  • Wool or string
  • Straws

To make:
Decorate all the snowflakes with available bits and bobs, tissue paper, silver foil, glitter or anything that comes to hand.
Make small holes in the centre of each snowflake.
Thread onto the wool and separate each snowflake with a knot in the wool, which sits under each snowflake. If the snowflake falls past the knot place a cut straw in between to space the snowflake.
Make a loop at the top of the wool.
Hang from the ceiling.

Finished Article!!

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