Monday, 13 October 2008

Frog Puppet

To make this you will need:

  • Two paper plates

  • Paint colours

  • White paper

  • Coloured card

  • Stickers to decorate

  • Glue

  • Black pen

  • Paint Brushes

  • Sellotape

  • Scissors

To make:

  • First cut one paper plate in half and fold the other in half to create a crease

  • Paint the whole plate a mouth colour such as pink or red

  • Paint the two halves of the plate a body colour

  • Put both plates aside to dry

  • Draw two circles onto the white paper for eyes and cut them out

  • Cut out two large eye socket shapes out of coloured card, then glue the eyes onto them

  • Put two folds at the base of the eye sockets

  • Cut a tongue shape out of the coloured card

  • Once the paint is dry, sellotape the tongue to the inside of the frog mouth

  • Using PVA glue, glue the two half plates to the full plate keeping wrong sides together

  • Allow to dry

  • Sellotape the two eyes to the cut edge of the half plate

  • Decorate with stickers

Finished Frog!!

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